Student Guideline

Student Guideline

• Attendance is a must for all students. No leave would be granted without prior intimation in writing to the Faculty and Administration. Student failing to attend 90% of their class will not be allowed to take their examinations.

• All students must come in formal attire in all days and wear the Student ID card in person all time during class hours.

• No indiscipline of any kind will be tolerated. Any indiscipline during the class or in the premises will call for disciplinary action. Parents will be informed and called thereafter.

• Fees must be paid on or before 10th of every month to _____________________

• Students are advised to keep their mobile phones on silent mode during the class hours. No personal calls can be taken without the permission of faculty.

• Internet facility is being provided to the students for the purpose of use only for study purpose. Downloading through torrents or surfing social media sites is strictly prohibited.

• All students are advised to switch off the systems and keep the chairs in proper place before leaving the class.

All students will follow the guidelines and no diversion from the above guidelines will be tolerated.

We wish you a very happy learning experience with Indian Institute Of Design & Management

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Academic Head
Head Office