Our Vision, Mission, Objective & Core Values

Our Vision:

Promoting inclusive development process, by skilling of less fortunate sections of the community and providing sustainable livelihoods leading to “MAKE EVERY MAN A SUCCESS AND NO MAN A FAILURE”.

To be a pioneer organization in Digital Initiatives, providing world-class services & enabling resources with utmost eminence.

Our Mission:

To provide every student with a conducive environment for attaining his/her career goals with a strong emphasis on skill development, personality development and offer all required resources to gain quality education without compromising on quality and code of ethics.

It is our goal to ensure that each student who enters the workforce is armed with the knowledge, training, and experience needed to build a successful career. To provide unified access to all the communities of the society for Entrepreneurship and Skill Development Training Programs for the skill sets, which are/will be in demand by the market leading to self/wage-employment, with emphasis on entrepreneurship, to promote “Skill India-Mission”.

Our Objective:

  • • Indian Institute of Design and Management (IIDM) has identified its long & short term mission goals to guide its growth and development, fully realizing that ‘Every human being has an infinite potential’ and the role of the Educator (Institution) is to bring out the best in every individual by offering the best facilities and ambience for a conducive academic pursuit with a strong emphasis on professional skills, moral and ethical values and commitment to the society.
  • • The Institution along with various Value Addition Programs offers a full array of Diploma Programs in Designing and Animation, Finance, Technology training in almost all Engineering disciplines and Basic Technology training joining hands with Microsoft to the unprivileged mass. The Institution provides to students a balanced learning experience, including co-curricular activities that contribute to their personal growth, the ability to think critically and objectively and help them to develop leadership skills.
  • • The Institution considers as its paramount responsibility to introduce each student to knowledge, employability skills and insight that are essential to gain meaningful participation in the ever-expanding fields of Technology.
  • • We aim to produce not just competent professionals, but also good human beings and responsible citizens of the society.

Our Values:

  • INTEGRITY: We believe that every individual has an inherent worth and dignity, and through mutual respect, our students, faculty, and staff will achieve greater success.
  • EXCELLENCE: We strive for excellence in education, student success, and career readiness.
  • STUDENT SUCCESS: We believe that every student has the capability and determination to be successful when given the proper tools and support. We seek to provide the expertise, training, and learning environment necessary to cultivate long-lasting student growth and success.
  • COMMITMENT: We are committed to upholding the mission and objectives of IIDM and in doing so we strive to surpass the needs and expectations of our students and stakeholders.