HR Policy Manual

Our HR Policy Manual

This Human Resources Policy Manual is provided as a central reference for all managers, supervisors and employees and applies to staff across all locations where the Company carries out its work.

The specific policies that follow promote the philosophy of IIDM with regard to standards of excellence; terms of employment; employee development; and employee services.

It may be necessary to change these policies from time to time to reflect changes in the workforce, employment trends, economic conditions. However, any changes in policy will be consistent with the Company’s approach to:

  • • Employing talented individuals whose creativity and imagination will support and contribute to achieving the Company’s business objectives;
  • • Communicating Company standards and expectations in all aspects of employment including performance;
  • • Valuing diversity, and assure equal employment opportunity and a workplace where relationships are based on mutual respect;
  • • Treating all staff, workers, and customers in a professional, non-discriminatory manner;
  • • providing safe, effective working conditions, and;
  • • providing competitive terms and conditions in our workplace market

Any Policy changes will be fully consulted on and communicated to all staff through normal communication channels. This Policy Manual will also be updated as necessary.

This Policy Manual should be read in conjunction with the Company Staff Handbook.

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