Director Message

Director Message

It is my pleasure to welcome you to the Indian Institute of Design & Management (IIDM), your final destination for training, government-approved brand certification and knowledge empowerment.

IIDM is the best possible metaphor to illustrate the innovative training, knowledge development and transformation you are set to undergo. You emerge from the experience a dynamic professional, enabled to strategize and create your personal market space in an increasingly competitive world.

We actually consider the word “competitive” redundant, or at least not applicable, to us. The IIDM ethos believes that demand is created, rather than scrimmaged over. Competition becomes irrelevant to the emergent you, because the rules of the game are waiting to be set. We inculcate in you the aptitude and attitude to run the gauntlet of challenges posed in a multinational work environment. You will find yourself exploring the wider, deeper, vaster, almost virginal swathes of market space that only the intrepid dare to tread.!

Our diverse portfolio of industry-specific training solutions –both practical and theoretical– ranks us among the preeminent names in the world of corporate training. You can choose from a slew of professional courses, each one short and intensive enough to open up myriad windows of opportunity for you.

You will find our costs surprisingly muted for the vast array of the finest trainers in the industry; top-notch brand certifications (NSDC/SSC, Webel, NIELIT, Tally, Ram Krishna Mission, and counting); and bespoke course materials especially designed for your varied training needs. We keep it that way, so that more of you can benefit from our experience and add to your own burgeoning repertoire, for the advantage of society at large. At the end of the day, we are governed by our vision - to engage you, inspire change within you, and so enrich our community.

The corner-stone of our strategy is ‘Value Innovation’, a three-pronged approach that encompasses you, the companies you work for, and the global community in which you operate, through a multitude of outstanding training solutions.

By the small and apparently innocuous act of enrolling in our programmes, you have made a decision that will exert a hugely positive impact upon your career. Please accept my congratulations! You will discern, in the course of your journey, that IIDM is a pioneer among institutional peers, shepherding you through the labyrinth of learning, lore, information and experience to the pinnacle of professional success.

We pledge to value your time and your opinions, have our finger firmly on your pulse, and honour your individual strengths, skills and stamina. You have entered to learn, and you will exit to earn - fasten your seatbelts and enjoy the ride !!

Enter to Learn and Exit to Earn !!

With Regards