Code Of Conduct

Our Code Of Conduct

Being an employee of Indian Institute of Design & Management (IIDM) every employee will have to follow the below mentioned Conduct and Discipline rules and no one in allowed abusing the system while on duty. If management finds any employee against the system, Management shall render an employee liable for disciplinary action.

1. Office Hours starts from 10.00 am till 7.00 pm (subject to change), Monday through Saturday.

2. Employees must be at the place of work by the fixed / notified time, an employee who reaches the office within 15 minutes of the fixed / notified starting time may be allowed to perform his / her duties. If in case he/she is not able to do so he must inform this to his/her reporting authority.

3. All the Employees have to wear their identity cards while on duty.

4. Every Employee shall register their presence in office by means of biometric attendance system at the time of entry and exit in the office.

5. Employee can check their personal mails 15 minutes before start of work and 15 minutes before they leave office.

6. If management finds login time of any employee later than 10.15am thrice, it should be counted as a Leave.

7. Employees can receive their personal calls but it should not disturb other present there. Management will not bear if any employee found that he/she is misusing this facility or wasting time on it, management allow the use but with limits, maximum duration is 15 to 20 min. Employee are not allowed to consume productive time on just phone calls (personal).

8. Employees will keep their cell/mobile phones on vibration mode.

9. No employee shall, except with prior permission, use Company’s telephone, telex and fax facilities for personal purposes. In case of emergencies, such a use is permitted, with the authorization from his / her Supervisors/Reporting authority/Management.

10. Further, an employee coming late to work or found absent from his station / place of work during working hours, without sufficient reasons or without authorization from his / her Supervisors, shall be treated absent for the duration of his / her absence and shall not be entitled to wages for the period. In addition, the competent authority may, at its discretion, also take suitable disciplinary action against the employee concerned.

11. Negligence of work by any employee will not be tolerable by the management; Management shall render an employee liable for disciplinary action.

12. Every Employee is required to make the entry if they are taking any office belongings to their respective homes (i.e. Books/magazine/Laptop/Pen drive etc.) and in case of any damage/lost that particular employee is liable towards it.

13. Every one will follow the dress code of the company:
- For All Employees:
From Monday to Friday – Formals
On Saturday – Casuals

You shall carry out the instructions given to you by your management and superiors, in connection with the business of the Company diligently and faithfully. We believe in our Employees and we appreciate their loyalty and commitment towards their work and organisation, every employee in Indian Institute of Design & Management (IIDM) can look forward to a professional working environment, with a clear focus on performance.

We wish you the entire best and looking forward to a long and mutually rewarding relationship.

With Warm Regards
Administration Head
Head Office